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JPGavan Little Ripper Performance


The Little Ripper Performance is a custom made cricket bat. Handcrafted in Australia by JPGavan owner, Josh Gavan. The Little Ripper Performance is cut, handled and pressed in advance. This allows Josh to save time in making your perfect bat and focus on the art of shaping and finishing the bat. Pressing is expertly done with 20 years of experience in India.

Custom made bats made from the finest grade 3 English Willow.

Pick from a range of different JPGavan sticker colours!

Flat face design is used on all Little Ripper bats for accurate stroke play and maximum edge size.

Selection of willow and shape by appointment. Email Josh@JPGavan.com. The whole process takes around 1-2 hours.

Design your perfect bat! Choose from bat shape, handle shape, balance, weight, spine position, edge size, spine height...

Once ordered fill in your requirements here: http://www.jpgavan.com/specifications-fo rm

Please note that shapes and weights should be realistic.

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