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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What does the hole in the toe of JPGavan bats do?

A. The hole doesn't actually serve a purpose. It helps me to spin the string on the handle. 

Q. How do I get my custom cricket bat?

A. There are two main ways to get your bat. The first is to order online.


Step 1: Purchase your bat from the webstore.

Step 2: Fill out your specifications form to decide your custom features.

Step 3: Pick out your perfect blade from the custom blade selection page.

Your bat will then be made to your specifications and you will be kept up to date with the progress of manufacturing and shipping. 

The other way to order is to come in person. Contact me for an appointment. 

Selecting your willow

Your bat pre-shaping

A rough shape is created

Once we are happy with the shape, feel and balance we begin to sand

Bat weight before sanding

Bat weight after sanding

Final weight including grip and stickers

The final bat

Q. Do you do sponsorships?

A. Generally the answer is no. There is no real requirements to pick up a JPGavan sponsorship. The timing is very important as well as the quality of player and exposure gained from the experience. I'd love to give everyone a sponsorship but it's just not possible so I don't offer many. If the circumstances are right there is a possibility for me to offer a sponsorship. For example the T20 World Cup is coming up and I am looking for players in that tournament to use JPGavan. The Mens and Womens BBL is also coming up and I will try to select players from both tournaments. 

If you want to contact JPGavan about anything email me at [email protected]